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"Your Fire Escape Experts"

Escape Artists Fire Escape Inspection, Maintenance and Repairs has been in business since 1999 and provides unmatched Fire Escape Inspection and Fire Escape Repair services to many property owners and management companies in San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, and the Peninsula. 

We aim to make properties safer, while preventing unexpected costs to Owners and Managers. 

Please consider us when scheduling inspection, maintenance or repairs to your property’s fire escapes, and find out why Escape Artists comes recommended. 

Feel free to contact us directly with any questions or comments, or to schedule our services. 

Escape Artists uses a 10 point checklist on each fire escape.​

We are fully covered by General Liability and Worker’s Compensation, and full Auto insurances.  

Drop ladders that haven't been maintained for 3-5 years have a tendency to seize up.

You are liable! If someone is injured or killed because the fire escape drop ladder fails during an emergency, it can be very costly and result in criminal charges being filed. 


We offer discounts for properties with 5 or more drop ladders & Non-Profit Organizations

Our inspection and maintenance services include:


  • Bristle-brush clean moving joints of drop ladders  

  • Lower, inspect and raise drop ladders 

  • Inspect locking/release mechanism and retracting cable  

  • Complete lubrication of all moving joints and the retracting cable 

  • Check ladders ways and platforms are free of obstructions

  • Check all fire escape fasteners are tight from roof to lowest platform

  • Report any rust forming on the fire escape system

  • Report any exterior wall penetrations that need to be sealed around support beams and anchor bolts

  • PROVIDING 5 year 604 Inspections and the newly required California SB 721 Inspections


Our repair services include:


  • Rust remediation including replacement of deficient parts and fasteners, anchor bolts and welding repairs as needed

  • New part and work area painting for added protection and to maintain the original appearance of the fire escape


A digital camera is used to photo document areas of concern, and images will be emailed.


An Inspection Certificate is generated for your records and/or submittal to City Housing or Fire Department inspections, and Insurance Companies. 


Escape Artists provides a 1-year warranty on Workmanship and Materials.


To schedule an inspection service visit, please email us


call us directly with any questions or comments.

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