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Required in San Francisco every 5 years for all Buildings with 3 dwellings or more & Hotels.

Escape Artists is now provides 604 inspections and completed affidavits. 



[Added by Ord. 399-89, App. 11/6/89; amended by Ord. 161-92, App. 6/4/92; Ord. 192-02, App. 9/17/02]


     All safety systems, devices or equipment provided for in this Chapter 9 or in the Fire Code shall be maintained in good repair at all times.

     (a) Fire escapes. Fire escapes shall be kept clear and unobstructed and be readily accessible at all times. Upon inspection, the property owner, or authorized agent, shall demonstrate to the Director or designated personnel, that all existing fire escapes are fully operational and properly maintained. Upon completion of the inspection, all existing fire escapes shall be secured, and maintained free of obstruction pursuant to Section 1032.2 of the Fire Code and in compliance with any successor provisions in the Fire Code pertaining to the operation and/or maintenance of fire escapes.




Purpose. (409.1)

It is the purpose of Section 409 to reduce the risk of fires to residents by requiring owners of buildings with three or more dwelling units to disclose fire safety information to new residents on or before they begin to live in the building and once a year thereafter.


For more information please visit the SF DBI website.




[Added by Ord. 192-02, App. 9/17/02]

     (a)     Affidavit Required. All wood and metal decks, balconies, landings, exit corridors, stairway systems, guardrails, handrails, fire escapes, or any parts thereof in weather-exposed areas of apartment buildings and hotels shall be inspected by a licensed general contractor, or a structural pest control licensee, or a licensed professional architect or engineer, verifying that the exit system, corridor, balcony, deck or any part thereof is in general safe condition, in adequate working order, and free from hazardous dry rot, fungus, deterioration, decay, or improper alteration. Property owners shall provide proof of compliance with this section by submitting an affidavit form (provided by the Department) signed by the responsible inspector to the Housing Inspection Services Division every five years. For purposes of this section, “weather-exposed areas” mean those areas which are not interior building areas. The affidavit process shall commence on January 1, 2004.


[Excerpt from the current San Francisco Department of Building Inspection Codes]



San Francisco Fire Code as of July 2016

1032.2.1 Fire Escapes.


Fire escape ladders from the first balcony to the ground shall be secured to prevent access to the building.

California Senate Bill No. 721

Required for all building of 3 units or more, no later than 01/01/25 and every 6 years thereafter.

The purpose of the inspection is to determine that exterior elevated elements and their associated waterproofing elements are in a generally safe condition, adequate working order, and free from any hazardous condition caused by fungus, deterioration, decay, or improper alteration to the extent that the life, limb, health, property, safety, or welfare of the public or the occupants is not endangered. The person or business performing the inspection shall be hired by the owner of the building.

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